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Published on 26-05-2019

Hello, dear members of, our system has detected that a member violated our.  terms of service when trying to enter our system illegally for that reason your account was suspended. Any attempt to attempt to illegally enter our system will be detected. And the final suspension will be given to your account. Therefore, we ask that you do not attempt to violate our terms of service. This is taken into account in the 4. ANTIPARTICIPATION POLICY. 4.1. All attempts, regardless of the type, of illegally accessing the system will be recorded. 4.2. Sometimes he will be warned, sometimes not. In any case, when you request payment, our monitoring system will analyze your actions and respond according to them. Normally, attempts to illegally enter the system lead to the suspension of your account. 4.3. Has been suspended. In the first case, you will be sent an email. Otherwise, you will be notified in an attempt to use any accumulated Team of regards